A Quick Guide on How to Publish Your Dissertation in a Journal

As you are getting close to finish your dissertation you may start to have thoughts about the publication process. Your school will likely publish a copy of your completed project for its own archives, but you are also encouraged to take your work to an academic journal in order to make your study available to a broader audience. This article will focus on the latter, showing you exactly what you need to know about getting your work published in a journal:

Plan Ahead of Time

As mentioned in the introduction, it’s perfectly natural to starting thinking about publication well before getting to the final stages of completing your project. This can work to your benefit if you start to plan the steps necessary to make the transition easier. Most academic journals aren’t going to want to publish long extremely long documents. But you can certainly break up your project into several articles, a process that is much easily accomplished earlier in the writing stage.

Look into Co-Authoring

If you take a look at the academic journals kept at the university library you will notice that they usually are authored by more than two or three writers. This is because in the academic profession it’s a lot easier to get research work done in groups. As a student completing his graduate project you will benefit from making contacts and possibly getting your work published in partnership with another writer, possibly someone who has already been published before.

Do Additional Work

Your dissertation might not be right thing for academic publication, but it doesn’t mean you should be discouraged or have to start from scratch. Look for ways in which you work can be modified or improve through additional research and study. It’s normal for recent graduates to continue on their project well after graduation. This allows them to submit updated results or a more comprehensive study on the research they did to earn their degree.

Write a Query Letter

Finally, learn the process of dissertation submittal. Your work should always be included with a query letter. If you are unfamiliar with query letters they are basically a type of cover letter summarizing your work and providing an explanation why believe it’s good for a specific publication. All writers seeking publication should learn how to write a good query letter. Without one your work may never see the light of day beyond university archival publication.

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