How To Complete A Solid Undergraduate Dissertation

Completing a dissertation for your under graduation course is no cake walk and most students will attest to the fact that you have to begin planning for it sooner rather than later. Most students tend to lose track of the core content due to the overwhelming size of the paper. The ending also proves to be tricky since it involves wrapping up all the diverse threads that have been explored throughout its course. However, there are a few helpful hints that you might want to keep in mind if you wish to finish your undergraduate paper on time.

Begin Writing Early

The process of writing your paper can become a burden due to its significance and size. Thus, it is important to determine whether you have researched the subject thoroughly prior to starting off with your work. However, the truth is that the more you delay, the greater difficulty you tend to face while actually beginning the writing process. The best method to recovering from your paralysis is to simply begin writing.

Expanding Your Ideas on Paper

It could be that you have not fleshed out your argument yet and may need to brush up on your reading but these problems can be determined accurately only when you have begun writing. The more productive you are, the more naturally your arguments will begin to take shape and the direction of your research will be decided upon.

Do Not Stop Writing

Do not lay off writing your paper for a long time. Try to keep you brain working at all times and get your project moving. Keep in mind that your assignment does not involve submitting hundreds of pages worth of notes to your research supervisor; you need to come up with a dissertation that has legible sentences, chapters and paragraphs.

Be Prepared to Edit

  • Many students get daunted by the fact that they have to edit their writing continually.
  • They become discouraged when they realise that their first draft is not going to be their final draft. However, this is exactly where the problem lies.
  • You need to get your thoughts in order and on paper and then recheck to fix any mistakes you might have made in the process. It could be in the form of bad choices of words, weird sentences, tiny grammatical errors and illogical arguments.
  • Becoming comfortable with the rewriting process will enable you to move forward with your paper and fix stuff up later.

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